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Mandalai Lamas
Here Comes The Mandalai Lamas Vinyl

199 NOK

In 1967 Mandalai Lamas were abducted by aliens as they were leaving the "UFO Club" in London. For over fifty years the band was lost, until they in 2018 suddenly appeared in Oslo/ Norway, to continue their guitar driven psychedelic space travel. Although the details of the abduction and their reappearance is somewhat unclear, Mandalai Lamas has undoubtedly brought back the sound of the 60's into their recordings. With tambourines and tube driven guitars, they lure you into a musical universe that draws inspiration from the heroes of rock history.

The members of Mandalai Lamas have been playing in bands such as Warp Riders, The Marvells, Huma Luma, Twintoulouse, Soul Ginger and Ay Caramba.

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